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19 July 2018 / History
11 July 2018 / History

Of course there's a National Mojito Day, and of course it would fall in July. No other month could be more appropriate for a cocktail that defines summer refreshment. But is it really a British invention?

19 June 2018 / Bar Reviews

Where to begin with this the most personal, complex and contentious combination of two simple ingredients?

5 December 2017 / History

Today is the anniversary of a magical day that many Americans thought would never come. The passing of the Twenty-first Amendment

31 July 2015 / History

Today is Black Tot Day and the 45th anniversary of the last ever daily rum ration served to sailors in the Royal Navy.

21 July 2015 / Bar Reviews

"I wanted to try this new drink. That's all we do, isn't it—look at things and try new drinks?" —"Hills Like White Elephants," Men Without Women, 1927