Tommy’s: The Only Margarita Recipe You Need

If you’re going to have a Margarita, make it a Tommy’s Margarita.  No neon sour mix, no slushies, no messing.

Ah the Margarita.  Perhaps one of the most abused cocktail recipes of all time?  Constantly assaulted by slushy machines, neon sour mix, fruit syrups, beer, and bros ‘chugging’ them on Spring Break holidays.

If only there was a grown up version of the drink.

Fortunately, thanks to Julio Bermejo, co-owner of Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, and his early 90s experiments with agave syrup, there is.

Tommy’s Margarita saw Julio tap into the trend for fresh, seasonal ingredients, and subtler, more natural flavours before anyone else.  As a result, he swapped the triple sec for agave syrup and created a margarita variant that is not sickly sweet, not overpowered by triple sec, but just a simple sour with much more depth than the original.

Perhaps that’s why this recipe, which started in a small family-owned restaurant, has since gone global.

  1. Shake 60ml 100% agave tequila, 30ml fresh lime juice and 15ml agave nectar with ice.
  2. Strain into a chilled glass*.

The jury is out here as to whether Tommy’s should be served up, down, or on the rocks; in a salted glass or not.  Ultimately it’s up to you.