Longflint Drinks Co: Your Secret Recipe for Summer Cocktails 

Maybe you’re keen to enjoy the beautifully balanced flavours of a craft cocktail in your own home, but don’t have three hours to spend cold brewing whole hibiscus flowers? 

Maybe you’re planning a picnic, but don’t want to pack your shaker, strainer and fourteen types of bitters? 

Well then, allow us to introduce the Longflint Drinks Co, a team of ingenious ex-brewers who use a selection of homemade tonics and sodas alongside some innovative infusions to create modern twists on classic long drinks. 

Using the experience they gained in previous roles at the Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick, Mark James and Shane work in collaboration with local spirits producers to produce lightly carbonated low alcohol ready-to-drink cocktails which could just be the answer to your summer entertaining. 

The catalogue includes a cold brew hibiscus-spiked gin and tonic, a fiery red chilli packed ginger and rum fuego and, our personal favourite, the smoked sherbet delight of a grapefruit, sour cherry and mezcal Paloma. 

If you’d rather take your innovative long drinks in more traditional surroundings then fear not, as the  Longflint team is also running a bar in Shoreditch this summer.  Their residency promises £5 cocktails, DJs four nights a week and a range of drink workshops and collaborations.  Sounds right up our street! 

The Longflint range can be purchased here.  The Longflint Bar will be at 2 Rivington Street, London from Monday 18 June.