Bar Tab: Selva, Oaxaca

There’s a table at Selva, Oaxaca which is highly sought after by some patrons. In fact, on some nights there may even be two. However, before you reach them you will probably have to take a seat in the waiting area – among the cactus, ferns and soft chairs on the upper floor balcony. Here you will  be given a menu, or a QR code – your mileage may vary. At some point – either just before, or just after you place your order – you should be beckoned over or through an elaborate rope across the door and to…the afterthought table. It’s small, somewhat in the middle of the room and is a bit of an uncomfortable perch, although there’s a nice bar to rest your hat on and a good view of the penny-farthing-esque drinks trolley. Here you will be in view of the table. At this point, someone – perhaps a departing American will insist: “you have to take that table, bud” – he’s got his fill of #content, and photos of his girlfriend and her new hat, so maybe now it is your turn. Or you could stay where you are. Maybe you don’t want to sit outside above the rowdy crowds on calle Macedonio Alcalá (you probably won’t hear many Mexican waltzes, or much violin). It is, after all, a chilly Sunday in February and the eve of a public holiday. Or perhaps you will stay put because you want a view of the bar obstructed by nothing more than another American in a backwards Yankees cap. Maybe you just want to keep listening as the Germans on the table behind you talk about Rammstein. Weirdly in English. And loudly. Or perhaps, having finished the last of the teeny tiny cherry tomatoes that garnished your cocktail, you’re ready to move on. (C. Macedonio Alcalá 403, Ruta Independencia, Centro, Oaxaca, 68000. @selvaoaxaca). Read more Bar Tabs here.