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8 December 2018 / Features
29 November 2018 / Product Reviews

The ‘bad boy of Speyside’ is bucking the trend for fancy decanters and giving away its newest oldest whisky for free – but how does it taste?

22 November 2018 / Features

I love peated whisky, because what’s the point of drinking whisky if it hasn’t been heavily flavoured by thousands of years of decaying organic matter?

6 November 2018 / Bar Reviews

As innovative London ‘gin palace’ The Worship Street Whistling Shop announces it is closing after almost 8 years at the top of the London bar scene, I remember my first visit, with apologies to The New Yorker’s ‘Bar Tab‘ column.

29 October 2018 / Features

In my first piece for, I argue that too many whisky bars – old and new – are clinging to tired old clichés of tartan and haggis, perpetuating the myth that Scotch is an ‘old man’s drink’. It’s time they caught up with the rest of the whisky industry.


29 October 2018 / Features