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30 July 2018 / Recipes
20 July 2018 / Product Reviews
20 July 2018 / Recipes

Summer is here and everyone’s reaching for the Pimm’s, Aperol or gin for a light sparkling drink to greet the sun.  Probably the same one they reached for last summer and the summer before that.  Traditionally at this time of year, the brown spirits are left in the cupboard waiting for the leaves to fall and for thoughts to turn to the wing-backed armchair by the fire rather than the outdoor sofa or the deck chair. But what if there were another way?

19 July 2018 / History
11 July 2018 / History

Of course there’s a National Mojito Day, and of course it would fall in July. No other month could be more appropriate for a cocktail that defines summer refreshment. But is it really a British invention?

19 June 2018 / Recipes

Where to begin with this the most personal, complex and contentious combination of two simple ingredients?