dipsographer /dɪpˈsɒɡrəfə(r)/ noun a person who writes about the thirst for alcoholic beverages.  From Ancient Greek δίψα (dípsathirst) + γραφή (graphḗwriting).

Alex is a freelance drinks writer, former bartender and founder of Fox & Beagle, a London-based cocktail events company.

His interest in beer and wine began at the age of seven when he worked regular Sunday shifts in the family off-licence.  An interest in craft spirits and cocktails followed when he began competing with his colleagues to create the best post-shift Bloody Mary at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008.  Since then his horizons have broadened to home distilling and infusing, and developing pre-bottled cocktails for events and parties.

A native South Londoner, Alex spent ten years discovering whisky in glorious exile in Edinburgh but returned to London in 2013.  Throughout this time he has written extensively about his experiments in dipsological study and exploration of the world’s booming craft cocktail scene.

He will write continue to write about this here.